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Text2Go provides an easy means of converting ebooks to audiobooks. Text2Go supports ebooks in the open ebook format know as ePub (.epub), html (.htm or .html) and plain text files (.txt). The ePub format is preferred.

Choosing a destination for your audiobook

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to create an audiobook for your iPod or some other MP3 player. If you're creating an audiobook for your iPod, you need to select an iTunes playlist to store your audiobook. The natural playlist for audiobooks is obviously Audiobooks. However iTunes hides this playlist by default. If you go to Edit -> Preferences in iTunes you can show the Audiobooks playlist.

Show Audiobooks playlist in iTunes

Once the Audiobooks playlist is visible in iTunes you can select it as a destination in Text2Go. If you click on the Text2Go icon in the system tray, you can select a playlist from the popup menu.

Select the Audiobooks playlist in Text2Go

To save an audiobook as an MP3 file, select a playlist from the bottom list. MP3 files don't support chapters, so each chapter will be saved as a separate MP3 files. These files will be numbered so they will appear in the correct order when sorted by name.

Opening an ebook in Text2Go

There are a number of ways you can open an ebook in Text2Go using the Open command.

The new Open menu command

  • Open File... will open an ebook on your computer.
  • Open From the Internet... lets you enter the address of an ebook or page on the Internet. Text2Go will download the ebook for you.
  • Open (Url in Clipboard) is a more convenient way of downloading an ebook from the Internet. Simply browse to the ebook location on the Internet with your web browser and copy the address or link to the ebook to the clipboard. Then select this command and Text2Go will download the ebook for you.

Once Text2Go has loaded the ebook, it will open the View & Edit window to show you a preview of the ebook. This window lets you perform any necessary clean up of the ebook prior to conversion to speech.

View and edit an ebook in Text2Go

The View and Edit window has 4 main sections. Starting at the top left and proceeding clockwise you have.

  1. Information about the ebook, such as title and author. You can use the Playlist combo box to select a destination playlist in iTunes and the Voice combo box to select the voice used to narrate the text.
  2. The Artwork picture box shows the image used for the ebook cover or current chapter. You can use the associated combo box to change the current image. Each chapter can have its own image. If the audiobook doesn't have a cover image, you can import an image from your PC or paste an image from the clipboard (an easy way of using an image from the web).
  3. A list of chapters. This list will be hidden if the ebook or document you're viewing contains only a single chapter. In this case, you can click on the Click this button to reveal the chapter list. button to reveal the chapter list. Below the chapter list are a number of controls for combining, splitting and deleting chapters.
  4. The Contents text box. You can use this to edit the text prior to conversion to speech. Below the text box are controls to read the text, check the pronunciation of the entire document, revert (undo) all changes you have made and proceed with or cancel the text to speech conversion.

Splitting a document into chapters

Text2Go tries to identify chapters within an ebook. This allows Text2Go to add the equivalent of a bookmark for each chapter to the resulting audiobook. These chapter bookmarks make it easy to navigate around an audiobook during playback.

If Text2Go cannot automatically locate chapters in an ebook (most likely due to the fact the ebook was not organised into chapters in the first place), there are a number of ways of manually splitting an ebook into chapters.

Ways of splitting a document into chapters

  • You can manually split a chapter in two by positioning the cursor at the desired point in the text and then clicking the Split at Cursor button.
  • Every 500 words. Text2Go will count 500 words into the document, find the end of the current paragraph and split the document at the point. It will repeat this until the end of the document is reached. Note you can change the number of words used per chapter on the eBook tab of the Text2Go Options window.
  • If the ebook has section names, such as Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc, use the By Section names option to automatically locate and split the document at these points.
  • At every heading. A heading is defined as two blank lines, a line of heading text, followed by a further blank line.

Editing the chapter names

If you need to change the name of a chapter, click once to select the chapter in the list. Then click again in the same location and an edit box will appear, allowing you to update the chapter name.

Combining multiple chapters into a single chapter

Sometimes you may want to combine two or more chapters into a single chapter. To do this select the chapters to combine and click on the Combine button. To select more than one chapter at a time, hold down the Ctrl or Shift key while clicking on chapters.

Deleting Chapters

You will often find ebooks contain chapters you don't want to listen to as part of your audiobook. Common candidates include acknowledgements, copyright notices, etc. To delete a chapter, select the chapter in the list and click on the Delete button. You can select multiple chapters at a time and delete them with a single click. Just hold down the Ctrl or Shift key to select more than one chapter at a time.

Checking Pronunciation

Text2Go has an efficient way of identifying and correcting mispronunciations in an ebook or document. If you click the Check button you will be presented with a list of words used in the ebook. The most likely candidates to be mispronounced appear at the top of the list. You can listen to each word in turn to check for a mispronunciation. If you hear a word is mispronounced, you can flag it as such so you can come back later and correct it. One of the big advantages of this approach is none of the story will be given away while checking pronunciation.

Beginning the ebook to audiobook conversion

Once you're happy with the layout and content of your ebook, click Ok to begin the text to speech conversion. This can take some time, especially for long ebooks. If you are planning on converting multiple ebooks, you can open and edit the next ebook before the first conversion has completed. Text2Go will queue up multiple conversion tasks and process each in turn.

eBook Options

There are a few options associated with ebook to audiobook conversion. You can change these on the eBooks tab of the Options window.

Text2Go eBook Options

The Text2Go eBook Folder is the folder that Text2Go will store ebooks it downloads from the Internet. By default this is a subfolder called Text2Go eBooks in your Documents folder. You can change this to any other folder on your PC.

By default Text2Go will always display the View and Edit window when you open an eBook. However you may find this becomes an unnecessary step for the majority of ebooks. You can change this so it's never displayed, only when chapters cannot be identified or when either chapters or a cover image cannot be identified.

  Finally you can choose how many words to include in each chapter when splitting an ebook into chapters by word count.


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