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Q: Am I infringing copyright when I convert text from a web page to speech and listen to it on my iPod?

A: This is very unlikely as long as the generated audio file is for your own personal use, is not for commercial gain and will not affect the market of the original work. Therefore you must not redistribute, broadcast or publish the resulting audio file. Just about every website has a copyright notice located at the bottom of every page. Clicking on this link will spell out your rights in detail. If in doubt, always consult this notice. You may also contact the copyright holder to seek clarification of your rights or to request permission for a specific use.

Q: Does Text2Go work with other browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari (for Windows) and Opera?

A: Yes. The latest version of Text2Go (3.5 Beta) now supports all browsers.

You can read more about version 3.5 and try it out here.

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