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As a potential user of Text2Go we'd like to share with you the design goals we had when creating Text2Go and the vision we have for the product going into the future. We hope this will help you decide whether Text2Go will be a good fit for your needs now and into the future. If the design goals that we believe are important for Text2Go are also important to you, then there is a good chance that you will be happy with Text2Go.

The most important design goals we had when creating Text2Go were:

  • Provide the quickest and easiest way possible to capture text from the web and transfer it to your iPod. If the process is so laborious that it's easier just to read the information on the screen, then there is no point in listening to it on your iPod.
  • Capture and convert text with the highest possible accuracy. If you feel you need to review and edit the text you've captured before transferring it to your iPod, then again you may as well just read it on the screen.
  • Generate the clearest, most natural sounding speech possible. If it's difficult to understand or unnatural, then the listening experience will soon become tiring.
  • Be unobtrusive when not in use but readily available when required. We realize that Text2Go is just one of many tools you use on your computer, so we have tried to minimize the amount of screen real estate and system resources it requires.
  • To be reliable. The user should have the confidence to trust that Text2Go will just work.

 The vision we have for Text2Go is:

To continually refine Text2Go to do a better job of meeting each of the above goals. We believe we've made a great start but we have a whole host of ideas for improving Text2Go. We're very excited about what's in store for Text2Go.

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