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I have kept meaning to drop you an email to comment on how good your Text2Go application is. I use it daily often during a coffee break, whilst out of the main office. The Australian male voice is perfect. The Aussie voice is 100% with any slight adjustments being made by altering the spelling.

- Andrew Goodfellow, Energy Consultant

Just thought I’d let you know I installed Text2Go on Alan’s laptop and showed him how it worked. He thinks it’s a fantastic tool. He’s blown away with the simplicity of it (from the user’s end) – basically highlight text and click. Voila! His iPod is updated the next time he plugs it in. Yep, a winner.

- Vicki Tyley, author of Thin Blood

I love your product..... As my wife says I am no longer as young as I think I am I tell her every year I am only 39 Your product allows me to keep up on Tech docs I would not have time for... and online documents needed for online classes I still take at my age.

- Jim Rearden

I knew something was missing with the iPod in the two years of using it. You found that missing link. Text2go is it.

I work long evening hours in a silent empty office environment; doing a job which requires only 5% of my brain, therefore I can use the other 95% listening to stuff. I love reading, but not having the time accumulated thousands of pages, then I found Text2go. Now Isabel and Daniel read to me while I work. What else could I ask for?

A satisfied customer.

The text-to-go method is so quick I’ve snagged some articles on my way out the door. I’ve tried just about every text to speech app on the planet and Mark's is by far the most efficient.

Brad Isaac,
Persistence Unlimited

`The thing I like best about Text2Go is when I find an article that I just don't feel like reading all the way through. When that happens I use Text2Go to place the article on my iPod. It makes it easy for me to just sit back and listen without the bother of reading.’

-Bob Dolan

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